Vinohradský Pivovar is a lovely venue for this event. Amazing beer, good food and quite big tables. We’ve had monstrous presence of wizards (90!). Including few guys from Slovakia and Bitzelberg Gang. Most powerful and famous wizards.

I played Tevesh paired with Bad Llanowar Elf. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time for proper testing, but I believed in the deck and I really enjoyed playing it. And that’s the most important thing for me.

Decklist can be found here:

I have to apologize for butchering someone’s name or for incorrect description of game. I have only few notes, using my mind mostly.

  1. Yisan (Daniel D.)

Guy knows his deck really well, he’s a great Yisan player, and I know that it’s going to be tough match. I won dice, mulled to six, but managed to land a T2 Tevesh. When I later decided to kill his Dryad Arbor and obliterate his hand with Collective Brutality, he scooped.
I’m kept six again, counting on Toxic Deluge. But my opponent was really fast. He made some value with Yisan, so I had to kill my own Dryad Arbor with Toxic Deluge. That pushed me way to back.

My last opening hand wasn’t insane, but I had Opposition Agent. He should be good. Yes, he was. My opponent pushed me down to 6 life with some green stuff, but he was not able to find answer for Agent. Thanks to Tevesh I stabilized and killed my opponent with Dark Depth combo. First victory achieved.

  • Adeliz (Ondřej Palička, cheerfull young man, hopefully Tevesh won’t bring some nightmares into his life)

I won dice and kept brutal seven. T2 Tevesh. According to my notes, my opponent scoped at 18 (I was at 17), maybe T3 Contamination? Can’t remember. Next game was more thrilling, but my Toxic Deluge killed everything. I also had quite fast Cabal Coffers and Urborg. With help of Mind Twist and Erebos’s Intervention that provided me with additional life, I was able to score another victory. Ondřej was really happy about my deck being so great. MeToo. Great attitude man.

3) Inalla (Myšák! Congrats to the new member of your mouse swarm! Because of it, he wasn’t able to play MtG for a while, so he just chose best deck on field. Myšák is extraordinary wizard and my matchup with Inalla is not great)

I won dice (again) and kept mediocre hand, with Crop Rotation. At least one grave hate. I was able to play Titania quite early. With help of few elementals, she was able to pressure my opponent’s life total. Myšák had to find assemble the combo fast. He looked into my hand with a random discard spell, just to find Cling to Dust and Crop Rotation. He was trying something, counting something, talked a lot, but then he scooped. I did nothing. After a while he got angry about himself, there was another combo line he should follow. Next time.

I kept six with three lands. But I was stuck on these lands for a turn. Myšák was also stuck with three lands. So game was also little bit stuck. Then my opponent tutored for Spellseeker. I was able to cast Eternal Witness for Demonic Tutor for Inquisition of Kozilek. With only Culling the Weak, Tendrils of Agony and nothing useful from top of his deck, Myšák was defeated.
I made some jokes about deck for Big Boyz, and that his more than two meters of height seems not to be enough. He promised me revenge in top8.

  • Karlov (Smeták. Great, I’m paired only with gr8 wizards. But I believe in my deck)

I won a dice roll (what a lucky bastard I am). I kept really an all-in hand. Sedgemoor With, Chain of Smog, Phyrexian Tower, elf and lands. But my opponent slammed Auriok Champion, so I was not sure about my combo plan. Early Tevesh was probably a safer plan, but calling of Dark Side was stronger than me. On T3/T4 I made 1000 pests. Smeták gained 1000 life, but because I’m a lucky bastard, he wasn’t able to draw any answer for my board and I won.

Second game was quite predictable. My opponent landed some lifelink trash (with flying) and started to grow his Karl. I landed T3 Tevesh and only thing I did was massproducing chumpblockers. Smeták casted Tainted Pact for Murderous Rider, but I had enough mana to recast him. Then I staxed his white mana with Contamination. He was able to beat me down to 7 (he had 38). But Tevesh is horrifying grind machine in long runs. And that was just one. I stole his gargantuan Karl, added Marit Lage and that was it.

5) Tevesh / Miara (Verner Jan. Cool headbanger, but this game is going to be grindy as hell. Almost like Obscene Extreme)

Finally, I lost a dice roll. My opponent killed everything that appeared on my side of the battlefield. He was also able to land Urza’s Saga T2, so with help of Expedition map he got Cabal Coffers (best card of his deck). But I was not behind. With Lotus Cobra, Exploration, Life from the Loam and two fetch lands I was able to produce lots of mana, too. Unfortunately for me, my opponent’s deck had really beefy high-end cards. I was able to deal with his Cabal Cofers (Crop Rotation for Tectonic Edge) but he was far ahead. Good old Karn and Emrakul were too much.

Next game was quite the same. Urza’s Saga for Map for Cabal Coffers. I can remember one big mistake on my side. I had nine mana and last card, Chord of Calling. My plan was to fetch Primeval Titan for Tectonic Edge and Thespian Stage. Then, on my turn attack with him and get Dark Depth. But he played Demonic Tutor and I realized I should have get my Opposition Agent back with Eternal Witness. My last act of resistance was to butcher his hand with Ravens Crime and Life from the Loam. He managed to keep only one card in his hand. Emrakul.

6) Ragavan (Tomáš Vardžik, one of two brothers, both of them are excelent players. This game is really important for both of us. Winner can draw next game and go to top8)

I won a dice, kept 6 with some ramp and Toxic Deluge. My ramp died but Toxic killed monkey and another 2/1 leaving my Bad Llanowar Elf (1/2) on board. T4 Titania and double fetch land is nice. Opponent charged with monkey but I knew about his Embercleave (Duress), so I double blocked it for greater good. First game secured.

But things went wrong. I kept five cards. Exploration, three lands and Sylvan Caryatid. Opponent kept seven and he looked really happy about his hand. With nothing than mana source I casted early Tevesh for classic chumpblocker massproduction. With help of Life from the Loam and Tectonic Edge I got rid of his Castle Embereth and Mishra land. But it was not enough. My opponent was also flooded but with size of his board he was able to beat me down to zero.

Third game. All or nothing. I kept six with fetch, Bojuka Bog, Wild Growth, two elves and something. On T2 I had two elves and Wild Growth on board. Nice! But Tomáš killed both of them with Arc Lightning, then burned their little houses and ugly monkey punk pissed on their graves while exiling Darkblast from top of my library. Unfortunately, I was not able to draw lands for some time, so I just chumped with everything, and when Tevesh finally came on board, it was too late. Embercleave ended it even faster. My dreams about top 8 are burned to ash.

7) Sai! (Adam Fajkus. I’m realy lucky with my opponents. And Adam with monoU is something unexpected. I’m tired and also little bit pissed about last game. I’m not trying as much as I could)

I won dice but kept 5 cards. With help of Wild Growth and Bad Llanowar Elf I tried to smash Tevesh on T3. But Adam had UU open and Counterspell in hand. He also played his commander on T3. Then I joked about him vomiting his hand on bord… But he was not laughing. He just vomited 4 zero mana artefact on board. Nice. My topdeck was Questing Beast. I got him down to 8 life. But he was then able to draw bunch of cards, create some 4/4 blockers and swarm me with flying artefact pests.

I kept mediocre six. Sai is killed, but Adam slammed Jace and his control game began. He slowed me with help of Tangle Wire, biting my life total with some artefact pests. But then, he was tapped out for a moment. That was my moment. I casted Mind Twist with X equal to size of his hand. I have Italian Mind Twist. When Adam asked me, if there is written TARGET PLAYER, little dwarf in my head started to smash big red bell with his little hammer. Of course, there is TARGET PLAYER written on Mind Twist. So, I was the one who discarded his whole hand…and that was enough. It was nice to see Sai in such a wonderful form.

From promising 4/0 to 4/3. It happens. I was really enjoying Tevesh, but I would like to try him in different way. And Martin (zkopce) convinced me, that WB is the way.

Many thanks for organizing this event. I hope that autumn league is going to be a thing.

Radek Hasák